I’m going to get punished. Are we saying that?  Is that Budd saying that? Is that OK? Is that OK? I don’t think that we’ve got it. I don’t have it. Most of us have one of it. This is my place. What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? I forget it. Are people upstairs? They’re the wrong people. We got somebody in the house right now. This is a crazy place. I gotta be right on deck. We got a problem. You look at the back of your head, Budd’s got a real problem. Where do you think they’re gonna go? These guys don’t know anything about the boat. Do we tie it up? You have to learn how to tie on into a ship. Why aren’t you up here helping? You’re alone? We still gotta lot of time. Do we have any information? How are you gonna fix it? What are they doing? They’re trying to tie up the shoe. They come and stand in the dock and they tie it up. Dot it again. Over and over. It has to be or we gonna sink the thing. Budd’s right. He’s right on deck. Tie it up. We gotta have more rope. We have to tie it up or there’ll be a terrible mess. Whose gonna buy it? We gonna go up to the house. Can’t we?  Come on, lets get it. What do we do? We’ve gotta change a lot of things, what are they, what am I talking about? Should I go, do you want me to go? Who’s there? Is there anybody here? I am. Budd’s here! Budd’s still here! What am I supposed to do? I am supposed to die and I think I’m gonna. I’m wanna run down, I’m gonna run down. Is there anybody here? Yeah there’s one person, only one person. I am gonna run for it, see if I can die. I have one set of shoes and some of the guys found other pairs of shoes. Mine are heavier. Mmm... Is anybody leaving? Anybody else leaving with me? I want to leave, I want to leave. Can we leave? Can we go? Come on lets go. Can we go? Now can we go now? I wanna go, lets go. I’ll get my coat on, can we go? I think Budd’s got on board, he’s got the thing, he’s got the icicle. We want that big can to be open and full of people. Is there stuff in there? You bet there is. I’m not sure that it’s true. Who said that? I don’t know who said it? I know they have some candy, that kind of stuff. We had some good food that’s coming, the food that is coming. Is it coming? We don’t know. We don’t know anything. We’ll fight here like death, like death... and then we’ll see what’s happening. These clothes are so hard... I went wandering off in time and places... I know I’m going to die... this is nothing... what are we doing? I didn’t pay attention? What did we ask? God! What do we think about? Where do we go? It seemed... we have to do it to stop it... was this the end on top of the time? Shoot it out in the wood... take your wife and... I know it’s over... I’m here to die... here to die.


What just happened... did I get shot... do I get shot... do I get shot? I can’t know anything and then they shoot you... the bigger ones yes, the child ones, no.  I know its dark but nobody’s going to help us in the woods. I can see it’s dark. Lets stay here, we’re fine, we’re safe... we gotta a good place to hide. They aren’t gonna take our shoes. We’re gonna die, you gotta place, but we don’t have any place, get this up. I haven’t got anything done, hurry up. Where’s the stuff? Where’s the stuff to pack? What do we do? Is anybody here? Where did they go? Is there a safe place here? We have to look after the old folks. What do we do now? What do we do for Chrissake? This is crazy, I don’t think you know what you are doing. You don’t know Buster! What do we do with the clothes that we have? Do we have anything? We’re in bad shape. We gotta lotta stuff here, I don’t know if its any good. Come over here for Chrissake, get here and help him! Is anybody here? Can we sleep?  Can we go down here to the base. This is a good one, we can sleep here? Forget it. We we’re a little sick that’s what happened. They’ve got us here to kill us. What about Budd? I can have bread. What’s Budd gotta do with bread? Budd didn’t have any bread. Lets go! Everybody ready, lets run. Ah ah ah. Nobody is here! There’s nobody here. What we gonna do? Where do we go? Where do we go? Please help me! Where we gonna go? Come on, we’re not going to run up and down again, we’re all dead.  What are we gonna do? Do we take this and run it up to California. I say lets do it, they may kill us. We don’t know. Lets go to bed... shoes on... Are you happy with that? I’m gonna go on the low edge, clear up high. We try the best we can. My head is terrible, have I got my head? Is somebody with the head? Where’s your head, where is it?  Have you had it yet? Is there something here with the head? Is somebody with the head? This is a bad story. You hear me! Budd doesn’t have any clothes and you don’t have any clothes. We may have something bad. Get your head up buddy. Where are you? Where is he? Who is it? Who’s the guy? What’s his name? What’s he do? We don’t have it. We just get to die. Maybe you like that best, I don’t know. Can we get out of the house? We have to wash and we have no shoes. We do the best we can. Help me! Help me It’s awful. I gotta get these old people outta here. They were killed in our unit they were killed. We’re trying to get the people outta here. Who are they? Lets go! Take the little ones, I’ll take the big ones. It’s terrible I don’t want to die here forever. Where’s the rest that we have... downstairs? They’re all going to be dead, I don’t think we’re dead. What’s all this, there’s a baby here! ah ah ah ah ah ah God!. We got a whole mess of themmmm  Mmmm Mmmm. What’s happening? What we got? Not a place like this. This is the wrong place. I don’t know anything. What do we do...the last steps... come on... get up... lets go. Are we ready? Can we get out? I don’t think we can get out.