It’s a nice thing to be quiet…

To be able to sit and look back…

Especially if you’re able to open the right door and you think it’s the very image.

I can’t always find the very right word.


I like this when it makes you feel that there’s still something to see under the tables…

It would be awful if there were nothing left at all.

You’ve got to keep thinking, this is all my gold, don’t lose it.

Then you’ve got the… damn it… I forgot what I’ve got to say… This is the small people that takes it away now… robs me.


I have to be so careful what I say… you’ve got the speaks.


Back then we knew words.

When we were there… when we were really in it, it was all (as clear as) dry white sticks… now it’s all under black towels.

That’s me now, trying to get things back when they keep rushing away.


So you can take all (the words) to where you live and where you want to go but the people in the houses are using shapes we don’t have any more.


Say if you pitch people up they might have a box in their hand with a list of names… where they’re coming from… who the people are… and I’d like to go into that room… and see them all quietly coming out.


I’m trying to make it sound good and I can’t… I’m falling out with the words.


It’s nice to go back and bring forward the little bits.

When it’s gone it’s not gone.

I must never ever say any more

But I remember all the things we used to look at… skipping ropes and scooters…


I’ve got to pull myself together… I’m never going to pull myself together am I?

I’ve got to just sit down and be quiet.


You open your mouth and then you don’t know how to put all the people back in their right places…

I’m going to sit down and I’m going to be quiet… this is hard for me to do…

I’m going to show you right…


I can’t get the words… is it tables and cups?


I have something wrong with my mouth… the right words don’t go in and out properly.

We need some clean talking next time.


I’ve got this chest now and when I want the words I can’t always get them out.

It’s all locked up tight.