Simon is standing in a shadowy corner at the end of the corridor. He seems to be hiding. He has his cardigan pulled tightly around him. The lights are off.


DC. Are you warm enough Simon?

I feel like a little... a little... black and white dog. I think I’ve lost it (he holds out his empty hands) I think I’m waiting for something... expecting... expecting a parcel... I must be? But I don’t know. Did I already take it? I’m worried. I think I’ve lost it.

He makes a rooftop shape above his head.

I’ve lost all my timbers. This is me now... (He smiles as he looks at his empty hand). Look at me now...  flat as a duck’s head.

How old am I... 18? 80, is it? Good God! It’s less closely defined than it was... Can you please tell me, what am I here to do?

My memory’s gone... I’m dodging along one day to the next... I can’t work. Don’t ask me to work! I’m growing long fangs out of my fingers.

My wife dies every day again... ten years back. Sometimes I forget that she’s still dead.

I don’t know how the pieces fit together... I don’t know where to start... or have I started? When I’m returned, I’m looking back at places I haven’t been any more before... not for ages.

In my head I’m always going back in the Royal Air Force... playing cricket. I wakened up today and realised I wasn’t there any more... I hadn’t been there for fifty years. I had Scottish connections... now I put my cap on to keep my head colder.

It’s never becomes fully formed in me what I’m here to do. I’m retired, an accountant, so what am I here to do?

I’m struggling a bit to keep on the pitch. Oh dear, this is such a big bad business. When I went to the office this morning... I’d done it all wrong. I saw it straight away. It puts me on edge to be going on working when I’m like this. I’m coming here now and it’s such a big place. I’ll tell you a secret... I don’t know what I’m here to do.

I left my wife on the very top of a tall building... I can’t wait to see her... I can’t drive now... it’s been my biggest regret... driving. In my head I still drive back home, but she’s not always there.