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Stories from the archive

Stories told by people with dementia to David Clegg. “If you listen hard enough, there’s nothing accidental about these memories. There is a very definite intent at work; to uncover what matters most about a person, which is often not so much those important, significant moments but that elusive thing, the spirit, the essence of someone’. Kate Chisolm; The Spectator 2011.

Dust on the Rubber Tree

The autobiography of Sheila Hugo captured and compiled from fragments of memory over the course of two years. Sheila seemed to know everyone; a close friend to many famous actors and musicians, she dated lion tamers and “gentlemen thieves”, and walked hand in hand with the infamous Acid Bath Murderer. This story gave her the audience she always wanted at a time in her life when such a thing may have seemed impossible.

Stories in Extremis

A selection of challenging stories documenting the words and experiences of some people with more progressed dementias. 

An Occasional Cobra

Shirley, Peter and Frances lived in the same room in a care home (room 21) one after the other. Despite never meeting their stories started to show some remarkable similarities.

‘An Occasional Cobra’ shows how their stories can be unpicked and interpreted from a variety of perspectives. Over coming months experts from the fields of neurology, linguistics, poetry and the arts will each add their annotations to the texts. 

The project will explore how the architecture of the care home – filtered through a lens of dementia - impacted on their narratives and, in turn, their narratives came to effect their perceptions of the physical space and the objects around them.